Scott Cramer - Manager, End User Technology Services

NOTE:: I am now in a new position within the Institution Managing the End User Technology Services group in the Information Services Department.

Field Work CT Scan Sea Turtle Transport Dissection Prep Measurements Scan Review

Scott R. Cramer
Manager, End User Technology Services
Information Services
Office Phone: +1 508 289 2832
email: scramer [at] whoi [dot] edu

Mailing Address:
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
266 Woods Hole Road, MS #46
Woods Hole, MA 02543 USA

B.S. Suffolk University, 1997, Biology/Marine Science
AS/CSSP Northeastern University, 2001, Management Information Systems

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Facility Role(s):
Manager of Laboratory and Field Operations; CT Scanning and Image Processing (3D Modeling and Animation); Facility Website Development and Maintenance; Computer Systems Administration and Technical Support; Database Management; Necropsy Support; Specimen Handling.

Scott Cramer is a Senior Research Assistant II who began work with Dr. Darlene Ketten in 1996. His research interests include biomedical imaging, marine animal anatomy and physiology, data management, and forensic pathology.
He received a B.S. from Suffolk University (Biology and Marine Science, 1997), and a A.S. from Northeastern University (Management Information Systems, 2001). His training includes specialty courses and certifications in 3D Visualization Software and CT Technology (WHOI, 2000 - 2006), Small Boat Safety, Navigation, and Operation (WHOI, 2005), Class 4 and 5 Forklift Operation (WHOI – 2005), and Database Management and Design.
In the course of his work he manages field and laboratory operations for Ketten Laboratory, the Marine Research Facility (MRF) and the Computerized Scanning and Imaging Facility (CSI). He assists MRF and Ketten Laboratory faculty and students with the coordination and performance of experiments and marine animal strandings; field and laboratory necropsies, collection, processing, and archiving of specimen samples, and facility tours and presentations. For CSI he operates a Siemens Volume Zoom CT Scanner which includes specimen scanning, image evaluation, image/data archiving, generation of computerized 3D models and animations. He is also responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of laboratory websites and databases. Additionally he assists technical staff and students with routine maintenance and training in laboratory computer operations; configuration of multi-platform computer system layouts; maintenance of specimen archive databases; maintenance of computer system data recovery architectures and desktop and network technical support.