CSI Sample Submissions, Services and Fees

(questions pertaining to sample submissions may be directed to the csi [at] whoi [dot] edu (website administrator))

CT Service Requests are available to registered users of this website.

An estimate of costs will be supplied upon request. Additional information about available services and fees can be found on our Sample Submissions, Services and Fees page.

If you would like to register you may do so here: Account Registration
If you have already registered for an account you may proceed to the CT Service Request Form.

IMPORTANT (Please Read Carefully): All registered users may submit a service request. However, if you are from an outside institution and you do not have an 8 digit WHOI project number we require you to complete and submit a WHOI Payment Authorization Form. If the source of your funding is from the U.S. Federal Government you MUST provide the Agency, Contract or Grant Number, and the CFDA number which should be located on the contract/grant you received. We accept payment by **purchase order or credit card depending on the option you select on the authorization form. All requests regardless of form of payment also require a brief statement of intent on your institution letterhead describing your purpose for scanning. If **PO is selected as the payment method you must submit by email (or fax) one copy each of the authorization form, **purchase order, and letter of intent to csi [at] whoi [dot] edu and to Steven Murphy of WHOI Grants and Contracts at smmurphy [at] whoi [dot] edu. You may submit only the authorization form if paying by credit card (no PO is needed) but you must also submit your letter of intent. If you would like to fax your authorization form and/or purchase order please send to +1-508-457-2041 and notify us by email csi [at] whoi [dot] edu or phone (+1-508-289-3582) prior to faxing.

**A Purchase Order number is not sufficient without a valid “official” copy of the purchase order.

We highly recommend you review our shipping requirements before completing a service request.

Turnaround Time & Fees:
CT Scanning and Post-Processing - $178.00/hr.
Average scan time is 1 to 3 hours.
Requests for services can be submitted by following this link: CT Service Request
Estimates of service costs are provided upon request. csi [at] whoi [dot] edu (Request a Quote)

Available Services:
Note: References to "images" below implies images generated during use of our CT scanner. If requested, some of the services listed below can be applied to preexisting image sets that are sent to us.
  • CT Scanning - computerized tomography of samples and 2D image generation.
  • Image Evaluation - radiological analysis and assessment of images.
  • Attenuation Profiles
  • Raw Scan Data Archiving - archiving to magneto optical (MO) disc raw data obtained from CT scanning or from preexisting raw data sets.
  • Image Archiving - archiving image sets to compact disc (CD).
  • Image Archiving with DICOM Viewer - archiving image sets to compact disc (CD) packaged with a self-executable DICOM image viewer (eFilm Lite®).
  • Image Reformatting - formatting and or reconstruction of image sets.
  • 3D Reconstructions - generation of digital 3D models from image sets.
  • Animation - generation of digitally animated movies of 2D image sets or 3D models.
  • Print Film - generation of hard copy x-ray films of images obtained from CT scanning or from preexisting image sets.
CT Scanning; Image Formatting & Archiving; Animation; 3D Reconstructions:
2D CT images, movies, and 3D reconstructions will be stored on our local server. However, images are typically archived locally onto CD and are accessible on a per request basis. You may request to have images or animations burned immediately to CD and sent to you by postal mail. Image Evaluations:
All films or images sent to us for evaluation will be returned and digital copies of the report(s) in PDF or Microsoft Word® format sent via email. Hard copy report(s) are available upon request.

Print Film:
Hard copy x-ray films are available upon request and will be shipped to you via postal mail.

Helpful Resources:
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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
USFWS Threatened or Endangered Species Permits