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Classification Order Family Genus/species Common Name
Fossils (Mammalia) Cetacea (TBD) TBD Kohat spp. Kohat Whale
Cetacea (Odontoceti) Odobenocetopsidae Odobenocetops leptodon Pliocene Whale
Odobenocetops spp. Pliocene Whale
Cetacea (Archaeoceti) Protocetidae Pakicetus spp. Pakicetus
Remingtonocetidae Remingtonocetus spp. Remingtonocetus
Primates Proconsulidae Proconsul africanus Proconsul
Sirenia Dugongidae Metaxytherium floridanum Dugong
Triconodonta Triconodontidae Triconodont spp. Triconodont
Fossil (Mammalia/Synapsida) Proboscidea Gomphotheriidae Gompothere spp. Gomphothere
Mastodontidae Mammut americanum American Mastodon
Elephantidae Mammuthus primigenius Wooly Mammoth
Fossil (Synapsida) Therapsida TBD Cynodont spp. Cynodont
Tritylodontidae Tritylodont spp. Tritylodont