CSI Resources for Specimen Handling and Dissection

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Overhead Rail System: (See how it works)

Our overhead rail system is designed to handle a broad range of animals in varying states of preservation and size ranging from small shrimp to large 5 meter whales. Samples are transported to our necropsy room, freezers and chillers, and CT scanner via electronic hoist and rail systems.

Necropsy Facility: (Take a virtual tour)

Our necropsy facility consists of one large necropsy room equipped with two 4 meter down-draft tables, one hydraulic large animal table, four overhead surgical lamps, several light boxes, overhead rail and lift systems, and one large fume hood. The necropsy room can accommodate several small animal dissections at once or dissections of larger single animals up to 5 meters in length.

Freezers & Chillers:

Our -20° C freezer and +4° C chiller have built-in overhead rail and lift systems for transport of animals and specimens to and from outside receiving areas into the necropsy or scanning room. Additionally, our 4° C chiller is equipped with a large, grate-covered, thawing pit. Animals can be thawed in air on top of the grate or within the water-filled pit. Two smaller -70° and -80° C freezers are also available for temporary specimen storage.

Chemically Preserved Sample Storage:

Our storage room is a vented, temperature controlled room used primarily to store samples that are preserved in Formalin or other volatile chemical preservatives. Samples are stored on indexed shelves and cataloged in a specimen manifest. Researchers can use this room for temporary storage of their samples.