Underwater Hearing

TitleUnderwater Hearing
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsPopper, A. N., and D. R. Ketten
EditorsBasbaum, A., M. Bushnell, D. Smith, G. Beauchamp, S. Firestein, P. Dallos, D. Oertel, R. Masland, T. Albright, J. Kaas, and E. Gardner
Book TitleThe Senses: A Comprehensive Reference, Six-Volume Set
Number of Volumes6
ChapterUnderwater hearing
PublisherElsevier Press
CityOxford, England
ISBN Number978-0-12-370880-9
Keywordsacoustics, auditory system, cognition, marine mammal audiometrics, marine mammal hearing, neuroscience, sensory function, sensory systems, underwater hearing

This chapter examines the structure and function of hearing and the auditory system in fishes and marine mammals. Hearing is considered in terms of the evolution of the vertebrate auditory system in fishes and the readaption of mammals to the aquatic environment.