Odontocete salvage, necropsy, ear extraction, and imaging protocols.

TitleOdontocete salvage, necropsy, ear extraction, and imaging protocols.
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsArruda, J. J., A. Costidis, S. R. Cramer, D. R. Ketten, W. McLellan, E. W. Montie, M. Moore, and S. Rommel
EditorsYoung, N. M.
Date Published07/2007
InstitutionOffice of Naval Research (ONR) / National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Keywordsct, dissection, ear extraction, ear removal, medical imaging protocols, MRI, necropsy, odontocete

The tissue-collection and -analysis protocol contained herein is designed to guide the collection of pathological and biological data in single and mass strandings of cetaceans, including those qualified as an unusual mortality event (UME). Its purpose is to provide for the systematic collection of data so that a post-hoc analysis of potential factors influencing cetacean stranding events can be performed. The protocol is not intended to promote a specific forensic diagnosis of causative factors contributing to a stranding event and cannot be used to determine whether a stranding event was caused by anthropogenic sound. The protocol can support long-term research activities investigating a range of natural and anthropogenic causes of cetacean strandings. The creators of the protocol disclaim any responsibility for the opinions, forensic interpretation, or misuse of data collected under this protocol related to stranding events putatively associated with anthropogenic sound.