The helicotrema: measurements and models

TitleThe helicotrema: measurements and models
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsMountain, D. C., A. E. Hubbard, D. R. Ketten, and J. O'Malley
EditorsGummer, A. W., E. Dalhoff, M. Nowotny, and M. Scherer
Book TitleBiophysics of the Cochlea: from Molecules to Models
ChapterThe helicotrema: measurements and models
PublisherWorld Scientific
Keywordsbiophysics, cochlea, helicotrema, inner ear

The helicotrema can have a significant impact on low-frequency auditory sensitivity due to its influence on cochlear input impedance. In spite of its importance in cochlear mechanics, the helicotrema is rarely modeled accurately in current computational models of the cochlea. To address this problem, we have reconstructed the 3-dimensional anatomy of the helicotrema for several species. The anatomical results were then incorporated into hydromechanical models and the effect of these anatomical variations on cochlear input impedance was calculated.