Gametogenesis and calcification of planktonic Foraminifera

TitleGametogenesis and calcification of planktonic Foraminifera
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1979
AuthorsKetten, D. R., and J. M. Edmond
Call NumberDRK6698
Keywordsbermuda, calcification, foraminifera, forams, gametogenesis, plankton, reproduction

The processes of gametogenesis and development in benthic Foraminifera are well known however, only recently has there been substantial success in the culture of planktonic species. As part of an investigation of planktonic life cycles, we have maintained in laboratory culture mature foraminifers of Hastigerina pelagiea and Orbulina universa for up to 68 d with more than 80% of the individuals producing gametes. Juvenile stages were subsequently cultured up to initial calcification and regular chamber formation. Although other workers 4 -6 have cultured adults and induced gametogenesis, this is the first known success in the maintenance of gametes and the culture of second generation Foraminifera.