How to see what whales hear

TitleHow to see what whales hear
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKetten, D. R., and K. Madin
Issue Number2
Date Published03/2005
Type of ArticleScientific
ISBN Number0029-8182
Call NumberDRK8741
Keywordsbiomedical imaging, computed tomography, whale hearing
AbstractAlthough whales and dolphins are air-breathing mammals, they spend approximately 85 percent of their time submerged. Compared to sound, light does not penetrate water well, and it is not surprising that whales and dolphins rely primarily on hearing and sound rather than sight to sense their environment and communicate. The Odontoceti—toothed dolphins and whales that hunt fish, squid, and other prey—evolved parallel abilities with bats, actively using clicks and pulsed sounds for underwater echolocation.